Long Range Remote Start Only System

Model: PRO9056E



  • Increased range - up to 1,200 feet of operating range
  • Glass mount antenna with built-in LED light and valet switch
  • On board start relay
  • On board accessory relay
  • On board ignition 1 & 2 relay
  • Ignition 2 relay selectable on or off during cranking
  • On board parking light relay


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The PRO9056E is a long range remote start only system that comes with (2) one button long range transmitters with up to 1,200 feet of operating ranges, glass mounted antenna with built-in LED light and valet switch as well as optional door lock and unlock

  • Ignition 3 / shock by-pass / GM VAT output (relay required)
  • Tach signal learning circuit
  • 2 (+) and 2 (-) safety shutdown circuits
  • Alarm by-pass output
  • Accessory outputs (pulse before & after start, during crank & after shut down)
  • Selectable steady or flashing parking lights for run indication
  • Selectable run times
  • Optional door unlock feature for vehicles equipped with power doors
  • Hybrid vehicle compatible for remote start
  • RF Programmable
  • Telematics port
  • DBI port - plug in FlashLogic by-pass capable
  • Limited lifetime warranty - includes nationwide travelers warranty
Range (Distance)    1,500'
Programmed Transmitter Notification    N/A
Two-Step Unlock    N/A
Parking Light Flasher    Yes
Starter Interrupt Relay    N/A
Starter Interrupt Output    N/A
Plug In Dual Stage Shock Sensor    N/A
Auto Lock/Unlock    N/A
Passive Locks    N/A
Remote Panic    N/A
Horn Output    N/A
Active or Passive Arming Selection    N/A
Push Button LED / Valet / Programming Switch    N/A
Glass Mount Antenna LED/Valet Switch    Yes
Keyless Entry    N/A
Remote Trunk Release    N/A
Dual Vehicle Operation    N/A
Chirp Delete From Transmitter    N/A
Dome Light Illumination Output    N/A
Selectable Run Time 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 - 45 - 60 Minutes    Yes
Can Be Used With Gas or Diesel Engines    Yes
Diesel Wait To Start Input    Yes
Automatic Timed Start    N/A
Ground Output While Running    Yes
4 Auxiliary Outputs Pulses, Before Start, After Start, During Crank, After Shut Down.    Yes
Safe Start Double Push To Start System    Yes
Hybrid Compatible    Yes
On-Board Relays    5
Additional Aux Channel Outputs    N/A
Operates Memory Seats    N/A
Turbo Timer    N/A
Headlight Activation    N/A
Selectable Remote Start Shock Sensor By-Pass    N/A
Door Unlock Capable Under Remote Start Control    Yes
Web Based Programmable    Yes
DBI Port - Flashlogic Ready    Yes
Warranty - Includes Nationwide Travelers    Lifetime
Transmitters    2 - 1 Button