Advent : Pursuit Car Security & Remote Start : AS9234E

Factory Keyless Upgrade To Vehicle Security With Remote Start System

Model: AS9234E


  • 5 year limited warranty

  • DBI Port
  • Diesel compatible
  • Factory keyless upgrade inputs - (allows starting from factory keyless entry unit)
  • Hybrid vehicle compatible for remote start
  • On board relay for flashing parking lights
  • One on-board accessory / heater relay

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Accessories / Suggested Products


Glass break sensor


Tilt sensor


Battery back-up siren


Dual zone microwave sensor

In the past, consumers wanting to add security and the convenience of remote start to the keyless entry system on their brand new car had to settle for two transmitters. That is until now. The AS9234E is the industry's first and only add-on security system with remote start that works with your existing OE keyfob.


  • Selectable run times
  • Start confirmation parking light flash
  • Tachless mode
  • Two on-board IGN relays with programmable output


Range (Distance)    N/A
Programmed Transmitter Notification    N/A
Two-Step Unlock    N/A
Parking Light Flasher    Yes
Starter Interrupt Relay    N/A
Starter Interrupt Output    Yes
Plug In Dual Stage Shock Sensor    Yes
Auto Lock/Unlock    N/A
Passive Locks    Yes
Remote Panic    N/A
Horn Output    Yes
Active or Passive Arming Selection    Yes
Push Button LED / Valet / Programming Switch    Yes
Glass Mount Antenna LED/Valet Switch    N/A
Keyless Entry    N/A
Remote Trunk Release    N/A
Dual Vehicle Operation    N/A
Chirp Delete From Transmitter    N/A
Dome Light Illumination Output    N/A
Selectable Run Time 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 - 45 - 60 Minutes    Yes
Can Be Used With Gas or Diesel Engines    Yes
Diesel Wait To Start Input    Yes
Automatic Timed Start    Yes
Ground Output While Running    Yes
4 Auxiliary Outputs Pulses, Before Start, After Start, During Crank, After Shut Down.    Yes
Safe Start Double Push To Start System    Yes
Hybrid Compatible    Yes
On-Board Relays    5
Additional Aux Channel Outputs    N/A
Operates Memory Seats    N/A
Turbo Timer    N/A
Headlight Activation    N/A
Selectable Remote Start Shock Sensor By-Pass    N/A
Door Unlock Capable Under Remote Start Control    Yes
Web Based Programmable    N/A
DBI Port - Flashlogic Ready    Yes
Telematics Port - Car Connection PRO Ready    Yes
Warranty - Includes Nationwide Travelers    5 Year
Transmitters    N/A