Advent : Overhead System : Overheads : ADV850S

Compact design 8.5 inch monitor with built-in side load DVD player in Shale

Model: ADV850S


  • 8.5", 16:9, full contrast color monitor

  • Integrated, slot loaded, DVD player
  • Aux input
  • 5 channel wireless FM modulator
  • IR transmitter
  • Dome lights
  • Wireless remote control
The ADV850S 8.5-inch overhead system in shale comes with a built-in DVD player and dome lights. This system also features audio / video input for additional video source units, built-in 5 channel wireless FM modulator, wireless headphones and remote control.


  • Trim ring and gasket included
  • Two (2) wireless headphones
  • 3 year warranty


Mega Pixels    336,960
Dimensions    9.25 x 1.81 x 10.80
Inputs    DVD/AUX
Screen Size (inches)    8.5"
Viewing Angle    65, 65, 50, 65
Resolution in DPI    480 (RGB) x 234
Luminance (nits)    400
Screen Format    16:9/4:3 Switchable
OSD(On Screen Display)    Yes
Built In IR Transmitter    Yes
FM Modulator    Wireless
Last Position Memory    Yes
Flipback Screen    175 degrees
Game with Controller    No
Low Profile Trim Ring    Yes
FM Output    Yes