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Mobile Video Overhead + Playstation 2 Computer Entertainment System

Model: ADV10PS2


  • Overhead mobile video system with 10.2 inch screen and built-in dome lights

  • Playstation 2 system with built-in DVD player
  • Multi-functional remote control (controls the DVD in PS2 system and the overhead functions)
  • 2 silver, Playstation 2 DUALSHOCK 2 wireless game controllers
  • 2 Playstation 2 game titles
  • Built-in, 16 channel FM modulator with FM transmitter function
  • Infrared headphone transmitter
What happens when you combine the world's most popular computer entertainment system with the number one mobile video system? Everybody wins! The ADV10PS2 comes with everything needed for gaming right out of the box: a 10.2 inch LCD screen with built-in dome light, two wireless game controllers, two fold-flat RF wireless headphones and two Playstation 2 game titles to get you started. There's also a remote control that controls the built-in DVD and Playstation 2 gaming system.


  • Internal audio/video inputs
  • Aux A/V inputs built into overhead system
  • 2 fold-flat headphones
  • Shale and Pewter trim rings and snap-on covers included
  • Mounting bracket and supplied cabling


Mega Pixels    1,152,000
Dimensions    12.83 x 3.03 x 12.83
Inputs    Playstation2/AV1/AUX
Screen Size (inches)    10.2"
Viewing Angle    65, 65, 50, 65
Resolution in DPI    800 (RGB) x 480
Luminance (nits)    400
Screen Format    16:9
OSD(On Screen Display)    Yes
Built In IR Transmitter    Yes
FM Modulator    Wireless
Last Position Memory    No
Flipback Screen    175 degrees
Game with Controller    2 PS2 Controllers/2Games
Low Profile Trim Ring    Yes
FM Output    Yes