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Next Generation Fully Integrated Navigation System For GM Branded Vehicles

Model: GMNAV2


  • Compatible with: 2015 Malibu

  • Compatible with: 2015 Cruze
  • Compatible with: 2015 Camaro
  • Compatible with: 2015 Equinox
  • Compatible with: 2015 GMC Terrain
  • The First System To Support the iGo Next Gen Mapping Interface
  • Adds the ability for the customer to upgrade to new maps via USB cable as desired, no waiting for OEM maps
Our 2nd generation Navigation systems bring true integration with on-screen controls, vehicle data, and even HDMI inputs for phone mirroring. Integration gives a better then OEM experience with more features to the end user. Our Malibu, Cruze, Camaro, Equinox Integrated Nav systems are MyLink compatible and match the factory user interface with icons, colors and design. This system is a true plug and play installation that requires no modification to the factory radio and does not require dealer activation as well.


  • iGo (HERE) Certified Navigation Hardware insures the best user experience
  • HDMI Input allows the view of compatible devices directly on the factory screen
  • Additional Vehicle Data (OBD) displayed for monitoring of specific data