Advent : Advanced Driver Assistance : Parking Sensor Systems : PSS100

Deluxe digital front or rear (2) sensor upgradeable system

Model: PSS100


  • Waterproof connectors allow replacement of individual sensors at the bumper

  • System is upgradeable to a 4 sensor system using PSS200 2 sensor add-on kit in plastic bumpers
  • Includes 0 degree and 8 degree angle sensor sleeves to fit most bumpers
  • Sensors can be flush installed without the sleeves for a more OEM look
  • Adjustable buzzer volume & tricolor LED warning module helps with object range notification
  • Black sensors can be painted to match vehicle color
  • Three detection zones give the following warnings:
The PSS100 deluxe digital rear (2) sensor upgradable system is an OEM grade digital sensor system that can detect obstacles over 5 feet away from the bumper, can be upgraded to a (4) sensor system using the PSS200add-on kit and comes with adjustable buzzer volume & tricolor LED warning module that helps with object range notification.


  • Zone 1 = Slow beep within 5.5 - 3 feet, flashing green LED indicator
  • Zone 2 = medium beep within 3 - 1.3 feet, flashing yellow LED indicator
  • Zone 3 = steady tone within 1.3 feet, flashing red LED indicator
  • Ranges are approximate and will vary depending on installation, weather and object size and shape
  • 3 year warranty