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Reverse sensing system

Model: ASRSW


  • Utilizes ultrasonic technology to help detect what you are unable to see

  • Automatically scans behind your vehicle to detect objects within your path when reverse gear engaged
  • Sounds audible alert when your vehicle comes within 6 feet of an object or person
  • Progressive alert tone increases in frequency as you get closer to object or person
  • Additional sensors and optional LED displays available
  • Designed to work in all weather conditions
  • Color - white
Safety should be your #1 priority on the road and this is just the device to assist you. These sensors attach to your vehicle to use state of the art technology to avoid objects and people too when your backing out of any spot. Travel safely anywhere.


  • Sensors can be painted


Range (Distance)    6 ft
Has a Speaker?    Y
Flush Mount    Y
Display    LED