Advent : Advanced Driver Assistance : Parking Sensor Systems : ASH400

Wired or wireless trailer hitch mount rear collision avoidance system

Model: ASH400


  • Ultrasonic technology to help you detect objects that you are unable to see

  • Automatically scans behind your vehicle to detect objects within your path when reverse gear engaged
  • Designed for almost any vehicle with a 2 inch or one and one fourth of an inch hitch receiver
  • Audible alert when your vehicle comes within 7 feet of an obstacle
  • Audible alert progresses when you reach within 5 feet
  • Audible alert remains steady when you approach within 3 feet
  • Sensor housing can be used as a step - 250 lbs max
The sensors transmit invisible ultrasonic waves that bounce back from stationary or moving objects as the vehicle is backing up. When your vehicle comes within 7 feet of these objects - parked cars, stanchions, driveway toys, and yes, sometimes people -


  • Locks into the hitch receiver