Advent : Advanced Driver Assistance : Back-up Monitors : ACAM350

Basic 3.5 Inch LCD Rear Observation Monitor

Model: ACAM350


  • 3.5 inch color display is compatible with most rear view cameras

  • Single RCA video input
  • Flexible mounting base comes complete with 3M brand automotive grade mounting tape
  • Mounting options: windshield or dash mounting
  • Power supplied by the reverse lights at the same point as the camera housing reducing installation
  • The monitor turns on automatically when the vehicle is in reverse and the camera is activated
  • 19 foot wire harness is included to help fit most vehicles
Today people are distracted by many different factors when in the driver's seat. To avoid serious accidents that could occur simply mount this 3.5" LCD monitor to your dashboard or windshield that will automatically turn on when your vehicle is in reverse. It is compatible with most video back-up cameras and will give you assistance and reassurance in driving.