Advent : Advanced Driver Assistance : RVM740

7.3" Wide-screen Replacement Rear-view Mirror Monitor

Model: RVM740


  • Split-screen Mode: With optional split-screen mode, the montitor can accept up to two cameras, and show both at once

  • PAL + NTSC Capable: Monitor is universally compatible, accepting both PAL and NTSC video signals.
The RVM740 7.3" wide-screen features auto dimming and powerful 1000 cd/m backlighting as well as on-screen guidelines that can be adjusted to enhance parking precision. This replacement rear-view mirror also features optional split-screen mode that can accept up to two cameras and show both at once. The RVM740 includes remote control, multiple standard domestic mounts, Honda mounts and Hyundai/Kia mounts as well as being PAL + NTCS compatible.