Advent : Advanced Driver Assistance : PSB110

Parking Assist System With 4 Sensors And Buzzer

Model: PSB110


  • Economy 4 sensor complete system with buzzer

  • 3 stages of audible beep to indicate distance
  • 4 sensor system with 18.8mm unpainted sensors (black finish)
  • Can be used as a 2-sensor system
  • All-weather design (-40C to 85C)
  • Detachable sensor with waterproof wire connector
  • 7.5 foot sensor leads designed for trunk mounted installation
Audiovox has been a leader in producing advanced technologies that eliminate vehicle blind spots and make driving an overall safer experience. The PSB110 parking assist system is a testament to our commitment. This economy based system features 4 sensors with a driver assist buzzer which has 3 stages of audible beeps to indicate distance. The PSB110 has an all-weather design and can be used as a 2 sensors system as well. The PSB110 includes a drill bit designed for use in plastic bumpers only. For metal bumper installation order part# PSBMDRB 18.8mm metal bit.


  • Includes hole saw and installation kit
  • For Metal Bumper Installations you must order part# PSBMDRB